Official I dO Music website coming New Years 2015

Learn: IdOMusic® provides numerous opportunities to learn from today’s leading industry professionals. Attend an IdOMusic® seminar where three to four professionals come and give their thoughts on everything from perfecting your image to reaching your target audience.

Promote: IdOMusic® is a catalyst for Artists, Producers, Musicians, Songwriters and Engineers to promote their music; to come pass out flyers & CD’s and promote through networking & word of mouth. We provide a platform to announce your skill, event, opportunity, service, or resource in front of an audience.

Network: The benefits of networking are limitless. You will learn more about others and their success, How they got where they are and how they intend to get where they are going, What has worked and what hasn't, What career opportunities are open to you and which sound like fun. Through IdOMusic® you will have an opportunity to facilitate and help others in achieving their goals and in turn be supported by them. You will meet other Artists, Producers, Songwriters, Producers and Engineers. We bring you together. Your task is to ensure that your relationship with them stays vibrant and healthy.

Perform: Perform in front of a crowd of over +200 when you hit an IdOMusic® stage. You never know who will be watching in the audience to potentially werk with you from your performance. Five to Seven individuals or groups will be selected to perform. Those selected will be contacted by a PatchWerk representative, and given further instruction.