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Saturday, 27 September 2014 13:51

4 Lessons Learned at the International Music Conference Artist Showcase

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The International Music Conference (IMC) hosted an Artist Showcase last Friday, September 12th at Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. Talents of all genres competed for the coveted prize of personal meetings with Atlanta A&R executives. As you could imagine the artist showcase differed greatly from the previous night's producer showcase. In the artist showcase, judges had several additional factors to consider outside of production such as image, stage presence, vocal talent, lyrical ability, etc. The judge panel consisted of Associate Director of Writer/Publisher Relations of SESAC, Greggory Smith; Manager & A&R, Charles Connor; and Membership for ASCAP, Joncier Rienecker. Drawn from the remarks of the judges, we compiled 4 lessons learned from the artist showcase. You can use these tips to improve your next performance.


Make Sure The Audience Knows Who You Are
It's imperative that the judges and audience know your name—especially with an unusual one. For instance, Baydrof, an artist that performed at the showcase, spelled his name for the judges and briefly explained the definition of his name as "famous." His unique and creative name, if quickly muttered due to nerves could easily be forgotten but he made sure to spell and mention it before and after his performance. Enunciate!


Know Your Strengths
Independent artistry doesn't always mean that you have to take on each element of your song/album production. If you write well but don't deliver it properly maybe you should consider a career in songwriting. Contract out assistance when you need it and capitalize on your personal strengths. Don't be a "jack of all trades and a master of none."


The Show Must Go On–Professionally
When overcoming an illness and you still have to perform, while adrenaline will be of assistance, panel judge Greggory Smith recommended to "be mindful of your range." There are a considerable number of remedies to preserve your voice. Ingesting honey, inhaling steam, practicing warm ups and breathing exercises are natural ways to take care of your cords. You want to avoid dairy, as it is mucous producing, salty foods, citrus and alcoholic beverages, as they dehydrate the throat; and according to panel judge Rienecker, the latter can compromise the audience's perception of you and deem you as "unprofessional."


Be Relatable
It's important that you can connect with your audience and vice versa. All three judges agreed–while fashionable, when you model sunglasses throughout your entire performance your audience may have trouble relating to you. Greggory Smith mentioned that as an up-and-coming artist, "if I can't see you, I can't connect with you." You could propose the argument that there are successful producer-artists like SBTRKT & Daft Punk—who have been sporting masks since their debuts, but both are producers first and their art speaks for itself. Seek a healthy balance of fashion and personal, genuine interaction with your fans.


We hope these lessons are helpful as you prepare for your next performance. Check back at idomusiconline.com for more tips and music coverage.

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