One thing you shouldn't do is sleep on the importance of the audio engineer.. Often times at the studio, the engineer will get asked to teach and share the knowledge. You shouldn't be in your feelings if they aren't all ready to give up the keys to their quality sound. Let us not mention the added headaches necessary to even receive credit on werk they completed.  We have a starting point for you and the Engineer's Corner assembled of the Patchwerk Recording Studios audio engineers is a great look. 

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I often get asked questions about the Patchwerkstudio engineers being able to offer teaching lessons to the ones interested in learning. What I don't see however is the same people attending these powerful werkshops conducted by the marketing team at studio. Recently a werkshop was held where the entire audio engineering staff came out to talk to the people. Those in attendance received a boatload of info and got the chance to talk to the owners as well. People travelled across the country to obtain the info.

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Do I Really Need my Song Mixed?

Simply put…yes, you do. If you plan on exposing your music to the public, selling your music, or performing your music, you want your song to be mixed, so that you are delivering the best product.

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For the longest I always wanted to put the most valuable players detrimental to a record's succcess on the spot so all the music enthusiast could sit and watch them speak. Who are these individuals taking the title of mvp you say? Only the person who can bend and maneuver your vocals into a werk of art. Yes you already know how we spell this around The Patch! The engineers!

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Patchwerk Recording Studios is known for supplying artists with that sonically superior sound that will set them apart from the competition. During a session in Studio 1019 you are supplied with a certified tracking engineer that will assist in bringing your record to life.

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Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Monetization w/ Patchwerk Staff


The legendary Patchwerk staff gathered at Patchwerk Recording Studios to discuss Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Monetizing services offered at the studio. These are all essential when it comes to making a hit record. The werkshop was separated into three different sections so that the audience was able to digest each service and understand the importance of the process for their record.

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Patchwerk steps up and again makes another Sonically Superior move! In order to move forwrd creating the sound that makes hits, Pathwerk has upgraded all of its studios to 64 bit ProTools HDX 12.4.0 systems.  We have installed Avid HDX cards and interfaces in all rooms. In additon we have upgreaded our huge plugin collection to the next level. We have upgraded everything to full AAX, including Waves Mercury, Autotune 8, Melodyne 4, full SoundToys bundle and UAD.  Every room also has the latest version of Logic and the full Native Instruments effects and samples package- Komplete 10 Ultimate. You want that Soncially Superior sound that wins Grammys? Well get ready to hear the future when werking at Patchwerk Recording Studios. Book a session at Patchwerk and take your sound and production to the top level!

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In order to mold your music into three dimensions, the proper use of reverb must be utilized. Reverberation is natural in everyday settings. It is the reflection of sound off objects. Everything you’ve ever heard is reverb. The thing people do wrongly with their music is either misuse reverb or not use it at all. Human brains have evolved to use the information in reverb to experience sound.  Everything has some reverberation on it before it meets our ears. Long reverberation suggests a large room, and short reverberation suggests a small room.

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Who Werked In STUDIO 9000?


Monica is a Grammy Award-winning R&B, hip-
hop, and soul singer-songwriter hailing from
College Park, GA. With a career spanning 20+
years, Monica's latest album, 2012s New Life,
debuted at no. 4 on the Billboard 200. 2014 brings
around another exciting year for Monica as she is
back at it recording her eighth studio album, to be
released some time later this year. Monica was
most recently at PatchWerk Studios tracking with
Dee Brown/Alverne Emmanuel and well-known producer Fat Boi.
Other sessions in Studio 9000 included those for SaySo (N. Bassani), Giomanni (Cope/JR White), Waka Flocka (N. Bassani), Mika Means (D. Brown), Rocko (D. Brown), T.R.E. (N. Solis/N. Bassani), Mila J (N. Bassani), Kay Soul (L. Campolieta), Tru TV (D. Brown), Knoxx (L. Banks), Loyalty (L. Banks), D-Geezy (L. Campolieta), CB Smoove (A. Emmanuel), Tim Koda (L. Banks), Los Lucky (A. Emmanuel), and Young Jeezy (T. Rey/N. Bassani).
Who Werked in STUDIO 995? !!

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