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Do I Really Need My Song Mixed?

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Do I Really Need my Song Mixed?

Simply put…yes, you do. If you plan on exposing your music to the public, selling your music, or performing your music, you want your song to be mixed, so that you are delivering the best product.

Mixing your song will bring all of the individual sounds in your song together. It combines and blends the sounds so that the track comes alive and has a full sound, instead of just vocals over a beat. It is where all the equalizing, compressing, effects, and things of that nature come in. You want to make sure whoever is mixing your song is very knowledgeable on all these types of things.

Think about your track as spaghetti. Your vocals and beat are your noodles and meat, and mixing is the sauce that brings it all together. No sauce, no spaghetti.

Waiting to add the sauce to your tracks, are the engineers here at Patchwerk Studios. Their names include: Luther Banks, Stafa Carter, Kori Anders, and Ray Seay. Together they have worked on hundreds of Grammy Award winning songs, and with artists like Gucci Mane, Dr. Dre, Andre 3000, and even SWV, just to name a few.

Our engineering team has a podcast on the PWR Youtube channel, entitled “Engineers Corner”. This podcast is a platform for our engineers to get together and talk pop culture, technology, trends, and other interesting topics, all from the engineer’s perspective. Check out the series the “Engineers Corner” for an inside look on how we fine-tune songs.

This Saturday's Werkshop will focus on the core services offered at Patchwerk Recording Studios. Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Monetize Your Music. Learn from the professionals and ask any and all questions to better your sound!

All of our engineers encourage artists to take part in the mixing process so that we can bring your vision to life, and leave you with a product that you can’t wait to promote! Check out each engineer’s page and get a feel for whom you would like to work with. We can’t wait to work with you!

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