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Cookies and Lemonade Music Review(8.21.17)

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We kicked off a new season of Cookies & Lemonade Online Music Review show in Studio 9000(A Room) to welcome our new host Jamear J! We reviewed a variety of music from artists who submitted their singles. From Country to R&B(yes it was that diverse!) and from singers to engineers, many viewers tuned in to see hopefuls get served the freshest Cookies & Lemonade. 

Cookies and Lemonade is geared to give musicians and artists the chance to hear real time feedback on their music while also giving our Patchwerk & IdOMUSIC audience a chance to discover new music.

Below you’ll find our favorites and our not so favorite submissions. Listen to the tracks and let us know in the comments who you liked and who can do better! The only tracks unplayable are in bold so please click the name and literally LINK UP! A special Shout-out to Sir Danny Ca$h, as he submitted our favorite track of the night.

1. Coolin- XII

2. Winner- Rvtede

3. Back It Up- Nauti Wave

4. Soul Flow- Austin Poe

5. Guap- Sir Danny Ca$h produced by Villa (VOTED BEST SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT!)

6. End Of The Rainbow- Robert Calluci 

7. Church Praise- Prince Adele

8. Soldier- Hot Mizz

9. Verbatim- Lu Jerz

10. BS Fairytale- Retro T

11. Watchu Waitin On- Benjiz

12. T.C.U- TARE-el

13. Prophit- Sneed

14. 3AM- Tobilla

15. Da Wind- LANDR

If you’d like to hear your music and get feedback on the show, please submit your SoundCloud link, a short bio and your social media handles to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can shout you out on the show! See you Thursday!

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