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IdOMUSIC North: Siblings from the 6ix

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Brother and sister duo rapper Chillaa and DJ Rose Gold from Toronto, Canada sat down with IdOMUSIC North and explained their experience with Patchwerk Studios and the Atlanta area. We talked about everything from their differences in the sound to the complications of trying to break their way into another market was. If you are an artist are seeking your next big break in another part of the country this interview is something you must read. Check out the interview brief below:

IDM: When did you start doing music?

Chillaa- I wrote my first song when I was five years old. I recorded mt first song when I was 9 years old and I started making beats at the age of 11 on Fruity Loops.

Dj Rose Gold- I don't even know what age specifically but my dad has always been in music since even before I was born. My brother Chillaa picked up on music when he was really young too so I've always been surrounded by music and going to studios.

IDM: So music runs in your family, it is one of your biggest inspirations?

Chillaa - Yea, I was really inspired by my father reggae artist Terminal DG.

DJ Rose Gold – For sure if it wasn’t for him I could tell you 100% I would not be interested in music like how I am now.

IDM: What are the origins of your names?

DJ Rose Gold – One day I bought my rose gold iPhone then everything I was buying was rose gold. So, my mom was like that should be your name. I ended yup saying it over and over asking different people what they thought about it and it just stuck.

Chillaa – I saw Pharrell and all these guys rocking chinchilla coats back in the day then songs like Drop it like it’s hot came out and I thought It looked cool.

IDM: What are some the obstacles you’ve faced or you think you will face trying to break into a new market?

DJ Rose Gold – When we came to Patchwerk for instance, I ended up by accident meeting DJ Montay who is T-pain’s official DJ and his group Oomp. Then we went to the Apache Café for the Patchwerk showcase and I met some people there who I gave my business card to. We were down there with DJ BJ from Atlanta and were able to create in Patchwerk’s production studio a mixtape that were dropping on Spinrilla this month. There were a lot of things I wasn’t expecting to get out the trip.

IDM: Speaking of Patchwerk, how did you find out about the showcase?

Chillaa – Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I came back to Atlanta. I was told by one of Patchwerk’s marketing assistants who kept me in the loop on everything. They told me to come to the showcase. I came and I wasn’t expecting to perform but my friend was like “Why don’t you just go and perform?” I decided to just go it! I did it and it was a good look. Shout out to you guys.

IDM: Do you feel like there may be a huge disconnect between Atlanta and Canadian Music?

DJ Rose Gold – In Atlanta they play a lot of local music and it’s kind of sad that in Toronto we don’t really support our own people’s music. It’s very rare that you go out and hear somebody’s music that is not Tory Lanez, Partynextdoor, The Weeknd, or Drake. If it’s like somebody on the come up or like somebody underground it’s very rare you’ll hear their music being played at the club. For that reason, as a city we have to support each other. If we’re not supporting our own, how are people outside the city going to support us?

IDM: Say you’re an artist visiting Toronto, what are some venues a tourist should look into?

Chillaa – Definitly a studio called Metalworks, that’s where a lot of big Canadian artists recorded their first albums. I went to school there for audio engineering.

DJ Rose Gold – There are a lot of independent studios. Most people I know who are into music have their own studios. I feel like there aren’t as many avenues though. However, there are community organizations that help people who are trying to get into music.

IDM: What about showcases or events?
Chillaa – Definitely the OVO Fest! This year will be too lit.

These two are on the cusp of breaking through the underground scene in Toronto. On their latest trip to Atlanta the dynamic duo shared their biggest inspirations and how hwo they plan on making a comeback to the south very soon. Music exposes our minds to different cultures we would otherwise never encounter.
We owe a special thanks to DJ Rose Gold and her brother Chillaa for their exclusive interview. This is IdOMUSIC North signing out!

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