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Weekend Werkshop Recap: Promote & Market Music To Media w/Maurice Garland

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Knowing how to properly promote and market your music to media is essential in the music business. We sat down with journalist, radio personality, and senior editor at HipHopWired Maurice Garland on ways to effectively market your music to media outlets. Garland got his start as a journalist while attending school at Fort Valley State University where he ran the college radio station and contributed writing to the school newspaper.  His hard work and networking led him to be introduced to the founder of Rolling Out Magazine, Munson Steed where his career began to flourish.


During this werkshop, Garland shed light on different strategies artist should use when approaching media platforms.

Importance of a Marketing Plan

“Know your vision and what you want to accomplish before reaching out to media.” –Maurice Garland

Having a marketing plan together is the first thing an artist should have before reaching out to media outlets. Start with having your materials ready to be presented to these outlets by making your music easy to find whether it's on cd, SoundCloud, Spotify etc.  Presentation is everything so having professional photos and a brief bio helps these outlets get a feel for whom you are. Upcoming artists shouldn’t be discouraged if they don’t have the same press kit as a major artist.

Best Way to Send Music to Media Outlets

“Build a relationship with a writer before asking them to write about your music.” –Maurice Garland

The best way to send music to media outlets is dependent on which outlet you are sending it too. Many people prefer in-person communication or receiving materials via email. It is important to build a relationship with these outlets before trying to get your music featured on their site. Knowing the writer’s background and the specifics on the media outlet they are with minimizes confusion and allows for an organic relationship to be made.

How to Market Your Music

“Let social media be the gas pedal, not the engine”- Maurice Garland

Outside of the use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook artist should develop a following in their native place. Building more organic relationships outside of the Internet allows people to have a personal connection with your music. Ten loyal fans you know in person will have a greater impact than 100 social media followers who may never actually listen to your music.

How To Identify Your Target Audience

“Studying trends on social media will help identify your audience.”- Maurice Garland

Data resources such as Google Analytics and allow you to see who’s sharing your post, how they found it, and what time they are viewing it. Use this data to your advantage by tailoring your post to be updated at the times people are most engaging.

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