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Drumma Boy Weekend Werkshop Masterclass Recap

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Our first ever Masterclass was taught by one of the South’s most prominent producers, the legendary Drumma Boy . This event was a 2 -day werkshop geared towards up-and-coming producers, where they would receive one-on-one advice and tips from the Grammy-nominated producer, as well as netwerk with other producers from all over the country.

We awaited Drumma Boy’s arrival in Studio 9000 getting to know everyone, talking music, and wondering exactly what was in store for the day.

As soon as he arrived, he greeted everyone individually, and immediately initiated a cook-up session. The producers were given 30 minutes to use their equipment and come up with an up-tempo beat that they would be proud of.

“In this game, a lot of people don’t have much time to waste,” he explained. He requested an up-tempo (160 bpm) track because often times, those are what artists will request. He’s often heard “I like that, but I want something up.”

Drumma also explained that up-tempo beats are usually the ones that become singles. “You don’t just want to make the album, you want singles,” he said.

During those 30 minutes the creative vibes were definitely flowing. The producers were set up with their keyboards, laptops, drum pads, and the cooking was on.

Once time was up each producer got a chance to play two beats for Drumma Boy, which isn’t an opportunity people come by every day. He gave each producer individual feedback on things like their mix, their drops, and the overall structure of their track.

Drumma Boy dropped a lot of jewels during his individual and group feedback. He advised everyone to structure their way of thinking around the future, kids, and making people dance. He told one producer that he should try to pitch his music to TV and films, because of its slower tempo. He also advised producers to actually read the manual for their software. “When you read the manual, that’s when you start tapping into other sh*t,” he said.

As far as software, he advised against relying on Mixed in Key. Ozone was a favorite from a few of the producers. “That’s why we’re here, cuz it’ll be something he knows, that you should know,” he explained.

In addition, he stressed the importance of producers having their tracks already in song format, because that allows someone to write a song to it. “Get in the booth and imitate who you can imagine on it, lay songs down, so when people hear it, they’ll get it,” he stated.

“A Cadillac or Chevy ain’t gone lie to you,” he added, when asked about how he likes to listen to his final products.

Day 1 ended with a great vibe, a feeling of achievement and anticipation. However, none of us expected the unfortunate turn of events that would take place that night…

Drumma Boy’s older brother, Ensayne Wayne, who was also a producer and one of Drumma’s biggest influences, was shot and killed.

Naturally, we expected Day 2 of the event to be cancelled and sorted out later, but Drumma Boy insisted on continuing with the werkshop. Being in the studio and around music proved to be therapeutic for him.

Before his arrival, he gave instructions for the producers to create something reflecting an “R.I.P.” mood. The vibes in the studio were completely different this day, with a lot of us wondering how Drumma was even standing in front of us. It was definitely appreciated.

Even though the Masterclass ended in unforeseen circumstances, everyone walked away with new information, confidence, and a new respect for Drumma Boy and his work ethic.

“This is an ever-changing game, so you gotta stay humble, be at the right place at the right time, and stay prayed up.” -@therealsetrill (Producer)

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