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ATLARGE Music Film Festival

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“A film festival for people who love music,” sounds like a great idea.

A group of creatives that make up ATLARGE, realized that the music film genre (documentaries, biopics, shorts, etc.), is underserved, and decided to create a film festival “for people who love music.”

This was the organization’s first year launching the event, which took place Oct. 27-29, at the new Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) Building at Georgia State University.

Over the three days we were exposed to different music films, such as “The Art of Organized Noize”, “The Story of Wu”, “Positive Force: More Than A Witness”, and many more. There were also werkshops that included topics like merging music and movies, scoring films, mixing for television and concerts, and licensing music for TV and film, just to name a few. There was even a vendor expo, featuring different lighting companies based out of Atlanta that provide various lighting needs for productions.

Like every festival, you learn as you go, and I anticipate that next years music film festival will be even better, with some kinks worked out. Hopefully they choose to keep the events in a central location, making it easier for people to go from workshop to workshop, without traveling around Georgia State’s campus.

We appreciate ATLLARGE for putting together such a great event for the culture. The music film genre is often overlooked but is one that is filled with some of the best content (coming from a music lover, of course.) I look forward to seeing what other events the group of creatives may have in store for us aside from the festival.

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Niya Falls

A senior journalism student at Georgia State University, interested in music journalism.

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