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You Are Now Entering The Scorpion SZN

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June 29th, 2018 Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake, dropped what has been said to be the album of the year! The album, rightfully named “Scorpion,” for it’s lethal lyrics and of course to represent his Zodiac sign of Scorpio, has seemed to break the internet.

Tweets and instagram posts like “Drake’s closest competition, the likes of Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole, seem to release music when inspired & have something to get off their chest, Drake seems to do so when it’s time to hit his annual quota and make sure his checkbook balances.” (@Bansky). With reviews as stated, one thing will stand as a fact: Drake's fifth studio album "Scorpion" has already broken the single week US streaming record with almost 435 million plays in just 3 days.

The double album holds a number of 25 songs that listens up to an hour and thirty minutes with features such as Jay Z, Ty Dolla $ign, Static Major, and even the legendary Michael Jackson. Drake seems to catch a variety of audiences with songs that speak to the R&B crowd such as "Don't Matter To Me" and "After Dark" and songs that speak to the rap crowd such as "Talk Up" and "Mob Ties." There had also been some pre-album speculation that the rest of "Scorpion" would not be able to top his singles such as "God's Plan," I'm Upset," and "Nice For What: but it seems like that question has been answered with already popular songs like "Nonstop," "8 Out Of 10," "In My Feelings," and many more.

Drake has also taken some fans off guard with his verses  “I only love ‘my bed’ and my momma, I’m sorry” as fans are now piecing together a potential underlying meaning as a tribute to his newly discovered son, Adonis “Mahbed” Graham. Fans have also questioned a few of his lyrics such as “I can't recover from our last conversation, You called me weak, And you tested my manhood as we yelled at each other, You wanted me to gon' put my hands on you, Just to show you I love you, You know I can't jeopardize both our reputations,” which has fans wondering what exactly was testing his manhood and why reputations were the first thing coming to mind when dealing with that situation.

Following the recent beef with Virginia Beach rapper Pusha T, some people say that "Scorpion" is just the right kind of clap back that Drake needed to shut Pusha T down. However, there are some people that are saying that Drake needed to make a diss track specifically directed at Pusha for him to be deemed the winner of this rap beef. But just like the reviews of this album, the consensus cannot be pinpointed. 

All in all, this album has definitely created an almost worldwide discussion and as the days go by, there are even more covers, dances and other artistic ways that this album is being consumed. From bloggers giving their reviews to siblings fighting over which song is the best, this album has and will be the talk of the summer, if not the rest of this year.

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